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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hope and healing. renewed support for a maryland
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girl hurt in a bombing half way around the world. >> more than half a dozen surgeries later, emily's first night out. i'm denise kock. >> and i'm vic carter, here's what people are talking about tonight. emily chrisutter was badly injured in a bombing. >> reporter: emily was not up for being photographed tonight but she was clearly excited to be around friend. hard to believe just a few months ago she was fighting for her life in africa. eight bands came together for one cause on sunday night. together for one young woman, emily carsutter. she was on a mission trip to help children is still recovering from a shattered
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leg. her boyfriend organized the benefit concert to raise money for medical bills. it was the first time she saw friends out of the hospital room since the bombing. >> it was good to see my sister after she's been gone. >> reporter: her mother shared her story. >> my daughter doesn't remember anything about that evening. she doesn't see anything other. those are the two real blessing. >> reporter: friday morning she garnered the strength to be put in a wheelchair, she did not want to miss this evening. >> she's here and we're very thankful for that.
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>> she's really appreciates everyone coming and supporting her and everyone singing. >> reporter: she appeared to be in high spirits. her priority now is going home from the hospital for good. she's working with doctors to rehabilitate her leg as an inpatient. her family is not sure when they'll be able to check her out for good. >> thank you, weijia jiang. wjz is always on for information on how you can help emily. click on our website and click on local news. a judge's ruling against a columbia teachers's aide sets a precedent. she is accuse -l of sexually abusing a third grader, but there's no evidence he ever actually touched her. it's the first sex crime conviction of its kind. walker could face up to 18
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years many in prison. a terrifying bus ride to school for a group of students. it was involved in an accident with two other vehicles. nine people were injured, one is at shock trauma tonight. gigi barnett reports from the scene. >> reporter: six students never made it to class this morning now police are trying to figure out what caused a car to crash into the school bus. sky high chopper 13 captured the damage from above. on the ground hartford county sheriffs office trying to make sense of the mess. >> right now deputies are reconstructing the scene of the accident. too early in the investigation. >> reporter: the driver of the grey car lost control of the vehicle. crossed over the double line and hit the school bus. it was carrying six students to middleville elementary.
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but the bus driver lost control, slam into the suv and flipped over on its side. medics rushed the suv driver to shock trauma. >> you get a morning like this, and you never know. >> the bus toppled over and smoke coming out of the suv. >> reporter: a neighbor sent michelle pictures of the wreck to her cell phone. >> my first thought is who's fault was it. it's scary to think that you put your child on a bus and it's something a bus driver could have done to make that happen. >> reporter: investigators say drugs and alcohol do not seem to play a part in this accident. now they are trying to determine what caused the driver of that car to lose control of the vehicle. gigi barnett, back to you on tv hill. and late tonight, shock
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trauma reports the driver of the suv edward folderou is in critical condition. the children and bus driver were treated and released. we have an up day-to-day on the preppy burglar. right after jeremy hall was released on bail for a howard county burglary, he was arrested for police for a second break-in. tonight he's been released on the most recent injury on $7,500 bail. are you ready to go hands free on the road? the cell phone ban comes on the heels of an increase in accident numbers. >> reporter: the car has become an office for many people who need to stay in touch. talking, twitting or texting. we've seen it on the road. >> people with one hand on the wheel and the phone about this level. you know pushing things about. you don't know whether they are texting, dialing. >> reporter: texting while driving is already illegal in maryland starring next friday
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it will also be against the law to talk and drive unless it's hands free. the new law doesn't prevent you from touching your phone to send a call, end a call. they say it's the conversation that's distracting. >> it's not the act of holding the cell phone, it's the act of holding the conversation that's distracting. >> reporter: 70% of people admit they talk on the phone while they drive. 52% say they feel less safe on the road than they did just five years ago because of distracted drivers. >> it comes with a car charger. >> reporter: people are lining up to get legal. >> i don't really like the ones that go in your ear. so i wanted ones that go over
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your ears like head phones. >> reporter: comfort and noise cancellation are some of the features. >> 14 other states already have hands free cell phone laws. maryland is in the midst of an invasion. stink bugs are not only annoying but they are causing significant damage to the crops of the maryland farmers. the stink bug has destroyed 50% or more of crops. they are asking the epa to allow energy use of pesticides that might control the stunk bug population. president barack obama has strong words for iranian president. after he suggested that the united states could be behind
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the 9/11 attack. iran's president isn't backing down from what he said. >> president obama has some strong words for iran's leader. >> it was offensive, it was hateful. >> reporter: the president is slamming ahmadinejad for suggesting the u.s. government was behind the 9/11 attacks to prop up israel. the iranian president made the comment at the united nations thursday. >> particularly for him to make the statement here in manhattan. just a little north of ground zero where families lost their loved one, for him to make a statement like that was inexcusable. >> reporter: ahmadinejad says most of the world is suspicious about what happened here on 9/11. >> under the pretext of that event, two countries were invaded. and until now hundreds of
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thousands of people have been killed as a result. >> reporter: president obama insists ahmadinejad doesn't represent the people of iran. >> it just shows once again sort of the difference between how the iranian leadership and this the regime operates and how i think the vast majority of the iranian people who are respectful, and thoughtful think about these issues. >> the president says the u.s. and iran do not have to be enemies. and he's still willing to extend a diplomatic hand. manuel gallegos. in the topic of iran's nuclear program, ahmadinejad says he's prepared to resume talks with other world powers, he says that could possibly happen in october. move the mosque, that is the opinion of likely voters who were polled by connecticut university. the poll results show that 57% of new york voters say the
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location of the mosque at ground zero is one. 32% say it should stay there. 80% say developers have a right to put it near the twin towers sight but organizers should opt to move to another location. well are you ready for some fetta, have a need to dance? it is time to head to the maryland state fair. you can find all of that at the greek festival sponsored by the san demetrios orthodox church. many people come simply for the food. but there are crafts, there are gifts to buy and did we mention there's food. the festival runs through sunday at 8:00 p.m. >> wow. >> yeah, i know. the food is in the newsroom. >> people have been restraining, sort of. >> yeah, sort of. no funny business on capitol hill today. >> i'm not a fan of the government doing anything but i have to ask, why isn't the
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government doing anything. >> just minutes away, comedian steven colbert serious message about immigrant workers. and garrido faces 22 counts of kidnapping and rape, but why his trial may not go as planned. i'm mary bubala we'll take you to the campus and show you how it's transforming. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete forecast, coming up next. [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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it's clear and 81 degrees in central maryland tonight. police in miami are looking for three suspects in a kidnapping that led to a robbery. this morning they sent the teller inside the bank with a possible bomb strapped to his body. he grabbed money from the vault, and brought it outside. the teller was not injured. a lacrosse player beaten to death allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend. the university of virginia devotes an entire day to improving campus safety and preventing violence. mary bubala has more.
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>> reporter: love grew up in cocky sville and was getting ready to graduate. yardly's murder impacted the campus so deeply that today students and staff gathered for a movement. >> every coach who was not actually competing today or doing key recruiting is here. and in fact, as you looked around here, craig little page was here, coach london was here. many of the student athletes if they're class schedule allowed will also be here.
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>> reporter: today was a student initiative to train students and faculty to better see signs of abuse. friends of yardley love were arguing and had several intense fights. in august uva announced all students must report prior arrests. there's been a halt to the criminal proceedings against the man who is accused of inprisoning dugard for 18 years. garrido is charged with the disappearance and rape of dugard. prosecutors say they believe garrido is confident but will
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defer to the judge at this time. today's decision does not affect garrido's wife nancy. comedian steven colbert drew laughs with his testimony on capitol hill but also closed with a serious note. >> i like talking about people who don't have any power. and this seems like one of the least powerful people in the united states are migrant workers who come and do our work. but don't have any rights as a result. >> colbert spent the day as a farm worker for his show on comedy central. he was asked to appear by the chairwoman of the sub committee. actress lyndsey lohan's return to prison may be short lived. the 24-year-old was ordered to spend three months in jail. but tonight a judge set bail.
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it's unclear when the actress could be released. earlier this year, the lyndsey lohan spent 19 days in prison. residents had to rescue fish because the isca river just disappeared. it went down the limestone river bed and is flowing underground. they believe it happened once before in the 1940s. no estimate when the water will resurface, but plenty of fish to eat tonight. >> wow. >> under ground limestone is just like caverns it fills with water. clear and it's a warm night out there 81 degrees this time of nigh. pretty amazing. south southwest winds at seven. the barometer holding steady right now. 81 here, 72 oakland.
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78 ocean city. still 80 in washington. and haguerstown. 95 and 70 today, that's the the report. the average is 76 and 53. the record low look at that, 39 degrees. southwest wind keep us in the heat through the night. now during the day tomorrow, our winds will shift to the west northwest. here's the front that's going to be approaching us early in the morning. it will go through with just a few clouds behind it it begins to cool down. tomorrow afternoon will be very pleasant. a little breezy. a lot of sunshine and temperatures will be falling throughout the afternoon. right now few showers still showing up in west virginia. they're never going to make it here. we'll see some clouds but that's about it. we have some warm air tonight and then it turns cooler. sunday we have clouds coming in. football weather, matthew continues to head out to the
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west-northwest. causing a lot of rain here in central from now until monday. eventually it'll break down into a tropical storm. least for the time being this is no threat to the gulf of mexico area. but there's still a possibility something could still develop. there's still some disturbed weather in the gulf of mexico. by next week you may see something down there. west winds in the bay here at 10 to 15 with a gust of 20. and advisory tomorrow for small crafts. tomorrow a warm night. may not get below 70 for most parts. down to 57 tomorrow night, only 70 on sunday. showers finally sunday, maybe tuesday and wednesday as well. denise. coming up the ravens get coming up the ravens get ready to take to
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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heading into the home own opener, and they've gaved a cheer leader. kendal has been placed on the dl. the second draft pick, kendal talked about the toughest part of his ordeal. >> basically not playing. and i don't find that hard anymore because the good thing is that i'm still here today. i was blessed to make it through that and get a second chance. >> it appears likely that cleveland back up quarterback wallis will start sunday. delhomme has not been ruled out but wallis has done the practicing all week while
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delhomme has. w a t ched. the ravens finally get to play a home game. a city show down. patterson and dolly. garrison sends one deep to riley. the engineers engineer a trick play that leads to a 15-yard touchdown. poly uses that in rout to a win 30-22 that's the final in friday night high school football. in baseball, the orioles final road trip of the season heads into toronto. jose batista of the blue jays hit his 50s 50th of the season. there goes number 51. batista gets the scoring started. tillman figures he can't let lightning strike twice. he can't let the top homer in the league do that, but he does. over the wall and left that runs his season total to 52 and
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powers the blue jays to the win. the o's have lost the 12 straight games in that ballpark. the nascar boys have drove in. turned a lap faster than 155- miles-per-hour. he has five victories on the famed monster mile. points leader hamlin, support the race at dover is on sunday. plenty of college football tomorrow. sit pack and enjoy. >> baseball, football, nascar. if diamonds are a girl's best friend what is an 800- pound emerald. pound emerald. >> a a,,(music playing)
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old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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it weighs 840 pounds and valued at $800 million. now it's at the center of a court battle in los angeles. the baia emerald was found eight years agoful right now it's under the watchful eye of the sheriff's department awaiting decision. it was quite a 90th day birthday celebration for one woman in england. she teamed up with the sky devils sky diving crew and took the dive. joan and her co-pilot landed safely. safely. she laughed and after that ,,,,
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